Immigration DNA Test Application

Immigration DNA Test Application

Fill out the Immigration DNA Test Application below. The form will ask for a copy of the petitioners Drivers License or other valid form of government Identification and the documentation from USCIS or other agency requesting DNA evidence of family relationship. If you cannot attach this documentation to the application, you may email or fax it to us once your application is complete:

[email protected]

Fax: (954)  839 – 8219

**please note that we cannot begin to process your case until we have received all the required information and paperwork**

Review your application

Our staff will review your application after you submit it. If it is approved, will send you a link to make the payment. If it is not approved, we will advise you on how to complete the application for approval.

Processing your case

Once the application is approved and payment is received, we will begin processing your case.

United States Sample Collection Appointment

We will first locate an accredited clinic for the person(s) in the United States to get their samples collected. After the location is confirmed with you, we will set up an appointment for you and notify you of the details.

International Sample Collection Appointment

We will prepare a sample collection kit and send it to the US embassy/ Consulate or other designated agency for the collection of the beneficiaries samples

Keep track of the progress in your case

Our staff will send you the tracking number for both the kit being sent to the collection clinic in the United States as well as the collection clinic for the beneficiary so that you can keep track of the progress in your case.

US Embassy/ Consulate will contact the petitioner

Once the US Embassy/ Consulate receives the test kit, they will contact the petitioner and set up their appointment for them to come in and get their sample collected.

**Please note that most US Embassies/ Consulates require a collection fee to be paid at the time of sample collection. This fee is not included in our price as it must be paid in person by the beneficiary or person(s) to be sampled. **

Testing process

Once our laboratory receives both samples back, we will begin the DNA analysis. The testing process usually takes 3 business days.

We will send the results

After the testing process is complete, we will send the results to the U.S. embassy/ consulate/ USCIS location or other requesting agency, and an additional copy will be emailed to the petitioner/ person of contact.

Immigration DNA Test Application

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